MOANA: computer set up

Moana’s brain

Here are my notes for Moana’s computer setup, for remote astronomy.

The remote computer is a shuttle. It has 2 com ports, allowing robust connection to the mount (and over a longer distance than USB).

A first step was to get in the BIOS (F2 or Del) and disable the EUP (Energy Using Product) power management, then, still in the BIOS, to allow the device to boot once powered, so in essence the computer power on and shut down is controlled by the WebPowerSwitch rather than by the on/off button.

The second step was to prevent the computer from going to sleep, adjusting Windows setting > Power and sleep > Never sleep. Indeed if the computer goes to sleep, it cannot be waken up remotely, as one needs to physically hit a keyboard key.

Then I updated Windows.

Then I installed 2 remote desktop applications, Chrome Desktop (Free) and RemotePC (Affordable using the ever going discount). Two apps are mandatory, so if one updates automatically or needs to be updated manually, the process can be seen through with the other app. With one app, one would likely loose connection at the first update.

Then I installed the gear drivers, Ascom platform, the Ascom drivers, the star catalogs for plate solving, Carte du ciel, Phd Pro, the collimation tools, Voyager, NINA and SGP, then Pixinsight for on premise processing and data volume reduction. I use Voyager as the primary imaging software as it is currently one of the few software allowing to focus both the main scope and the guide scope in an consitent way, running a single instance.