NGC 6960 in Cygnus

NGC6960 with Foraxx palette (SHO)
NGC6960 Ha
RGB version
RGB version, Starless. 52 Cygni halo is very prominent.

NGC 6960, aka the Western Veil, Caldwell 34 or the Witch’s Broom with the bright star 52 Cygni.

After imaging the Eastern veil (2 panels mosaic) and the Pickering triangle, I continued the effort on the Western Veil. I like the Veil nebula as it is very well placed for my latitude (30 degrees North) and because it has a strong response in all 3 narrow bands, including SII, as well as in color. I was slightly worried 52 Cygni may spoil the image but the diffraction spikes remain manageable.

About calibration: I would suggest to use the 2023-10-01 calibration files, which has the flats after the Paracorr flake event. Those files are in Fit format. 2023-09-25 has the same files in xisf format. The last file G90, has the flat before the flake event.

The flake event happened at some point, before I started the SHO for NGC 6960. I am still investigating if it happened during the recording of NGC 6960 RGB, or before.