Bat nebula

SHO only dataset -no RGB mixed in.

Over 12 hours of data on NGC 6995, the bat nebula, part of the Veil in Cygnus. This is a very nice dataset, on a fairly bright target, with good signal on the 3 SHO bands (Ha, OII and SII).

The goal was to compare, on the same target & from raw data, Moana and the AP175 at DSW, for which DSW also distribute a free dataset. You be the judge.

A second panel, featuring the extended “wing” of the bat is currently being acquired. A RGB starfield was also acquired and that RGB data can be either used to color the stars of the SHO (initial intent) or processed as a color image in its own right, as shown below.

The starfield in RGB, processed as a color image (second dataset) -No SHO added.