M 94

This dataset got nominated for Top Picks on Astrobin after a careful processing by Taras_M.

Messier 94 (also NGC 4736, or the cats’ eye galaxy) is a spiral galaxy in the mid-northern constellation Canes Venatici, the “hunting dogs”.

Messier 94 is estimated to contain 40 billion stars. The galaxy is receding from us at approximately 308 km/s. Its main disk is about 50,000 light years in diameter, but the galaxy has a considerably fainter outer ring that extends for at least another 30,000 light years.

Messier 94 is classified as a galaxy with a low ionization nuclear emission region (LINER). This means that the gas contained in the nucleus of M94 is more weakly ionized than usual.

M94 is also famous for being deficient in dark matter, and has therefore been extensively studied.

M94 with a bit of HDR.

The core of the galaxy has some Ha signal and I am looking at recording that in an additional dataset. We shall see how this goes.