M57 ring nebula

The ring nebula, HSO, star removed.

Back in April, I wanted to take color pictures of the Lyrids Meteor Shower using the wide angle setup riding piggy back on Moana. So, the scope would be pointed for hours at the Lyra constellation. Naturally, I looked for a target in Lyra to do some dual imaging, wide angle & color for the meteors, and long focal with Moana, simultaneously. I was not to creative, and chose to go after M57, the ring nebula, both in color and narrow band. M57 is so bright, I limited the exposures to 1mn.

After the meteor shower, I was not too satisfied with the result (I wanted to go after the very faint halo surrounding the ring nebula, as well as spiral galaxy IC 1296 in the same field), and kept adding more exposures. Of course, at 1mn exposure, the dataset started to balloon very quickly.