Wizard Nebula

Wizard nebula in RGB, as processed by George H.

Here is a relatively short exposure (2.4 hours) RGB dataset for the Wizard nebula. I aborted acquisition after night two, as the roof was getting in the frame (you can see that from the strange diffraction patterns on some of the individual frames: the roof adds a diffraction spike that rotates with time). I was ready to scratch the dataset and move on, but George processed and rescued the image, showing it can be processed to a decent (if not deep) image, as the diffraction patterns, since they rotate, do stack out.

So not the same quality as I usually strive for, but the above image gives you an idea of what can be achieved with this dataset.

The Wizard Nebula in northern Constellation Cepheus is an emission nebula around the open star cluster NGC 7380. It is about 7200 light-years from Earth for an apparent magnitude of 7.2.