Seisberry FAQs

How to find the polarity of a geophone?

Most geophones have the top plate clearly marked with a + and -. If not there is usually a 2mm diameter 1mm high cylindrical bump in the plastic on the side of the – contact. Last resort, connect to an oscilloscope (or to a functioning seisberry) and do a tap test.

How to format an SD card in ext4 (Linux partition) from a Raspebrry Pi?

The lsblk command lists information about all available or the specified block devices. It reads the sysfs filesystem and udev db to gather information.


Assuming the sd card is identified as /dev/sda, do the following. Please note that Linux partitions like ext4 need to be labeled msdos (weird and confusing). Also replace 64GB by the actual size of your card.

sudo parted /dev/sda
mklabel msdos
print free
mkpart primary

Format, assuming a 64G card:

mkfs.ext4 -L 64G /dev/sda1

remove and put back to mount.

Make the seisberry start recording at boot:

You can edit your crontab with:

crontab -e

Then add the following line to your crontab:

@reboot sleep 60 && cd /home/pi/Desktop/DIYSeis/C/ && ./ads1256_test param

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