Wasp 107b

Wasp107b data, raw (top) and detrended (middle). The residuals are at the bottom.

Another exoplanet transit. This time the target is Wasp 107b, a Neptune-like exoplanet that orbits a K-type star. Its mass is 30.5 Earths, it takes 5.7 days to complete one orbit of its star, and is 0.055 AU from its star.

The data was recorded with some moon in late April 2023. This is because I dedicate the best conditions to imaging, and only do photometry when imaging is not practical. For some reason there is a pretty strong tend in the data. Once the trend is removed the transit curve shows pretty clearly though. The residual still shows a couple outliers and a bit of noise, which is well smoothed by the trend curve.

Because the dataset is big and not pristine, I am only distributing the raw light curve in text format. For picture data (fit format) see the other datasets.

Single frame image.