Tiger Swallow tail

Wild life in the city is amazing. Yesterday a Tiger Swallow Tail butterfly graced us with its presence for a few minutes, in the middle of Houston. I took the opportunity to play with the Sony 70-200 f/2.8 and Sony A7RIII and improvised, a few pictures in my front yard, all hand held.

In macro, the depth of field is always a problem, so I usually operate around f/10 to f/13, to have most of the target in focus. The butterfly was flapping fast, so I had to increase the speed to about 1/500 sec, and even with that some of the wing movements were blurred. With high speed and small aperture I boosted the ISO to 1600, which with modern cameras (particularly the ones based on the latest Sony sensors, like the Nikon and Sony mirror-less) can now be done without too much grain. I was at F 200mm to give the insect some room. Natural light.

Tiger Swallow Tail
Detail of the head.

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