Macro photo

Rainbow scarab

I came across a Rainbow Scarab in East TX, and decided to take a few minutes for some hand help macro using the Sony 70-200 G-Master on my RIII at: 1/250 sec, f/18, 200mm, ISO 320. The day was as sunny as they can get in Texas, so I could stop the aperture very significantly…


Damselfiles (demoiselles) are smaller than dragonflies, and when at rest, they fold their wings over their bodies, unlike dragonflies who spread them open and flat. I found a few of them while visiting a creek in East Texas and took some time to do some Macro pictures.

Tiger Swallow tail

Wild life in the city is amazing. Yesterday a Tiger Swallow Tail butterfly graced us with its presence for a few minutes, in the middle of Houston. I took the opportunity to play with the Sony 70-200 f/2.8 and Sony A7RIII and improvised, a few pictures in my front yard, all hand held. In macro,…

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