Exoplanet Transit: WASP-10 b in Pegasus

Exoplanet transit WASP- 10 b in Pegasus was observed by Moana on November 7, 2022, between 4am and 8am UTC. Over the 140 minutes of observation, the magnitude of the host star drops from 12.22 to 12.26 then recovers to pre-transit level. This amounts to a 0.038 drop of magnitude, small but definitely observable and with a good signal to noise level (above 3).

The observation was planned with the Exo Planet Transit Database. For the purpose of the curves below only, the data was processed (very basic workflow) with Tycho Pro and reduced with the Exo Planet Transit Database online tool. The data would benefit a more complete processing (air mass reduction, etc…).

The data is provided as raw (camera frames unprocessed), consisting of 157 frames of 1mn each, taken with a Red filter. Moon gradients are present. For calibration use the Red Master Flat from the Calibration Masters G90 zip-file, then use the Bias and Dark at Gain 45 provided in the Calibration Gain 45 zip-file.

The processed & reduced data (with basic processing flow), is provided in the form of a text file with magnitude of the host star over time, ready to plot or load to EDT:

Transit as observed by Moana, processed with Tycho and reduced with ETD. ETD graph.
The EDT planning tool used for the observation, also useful for the processing.
Moana frame as viewed in Tycho, centered on the transited star.
Planet geometry inverted from Moana’s data versus the catalog geometry, as calculated by the EDT website. The catalog geometry is within the error bars of the observed geometry which is reassuring.

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