The Wing

SHO image with Foraxx palette and RGB stars.

This image is a second panel of NGC 6995 in Cygnus, completing the “wing” of the “bat nebula”. The image can be processed independently as I did here, or as a mosaic, using the bat dataset as the first panel, and this dataset as the second panel.

The 2 panels are both SHO @5mn and RGB @ 2mn, the initial idea being to process the SHO starless and add the star field from the RGB dataset. To increase the possibilities, the RGB dataset has been made deep enough it can be processed independently, as a color image in its own right. Of course, one could also decide to mix the six channels (SHORGB) in any combination, for example with the PixInsight NBRGB script or any similar tool.

Anyways, here I processed the SHO with the Foraxx palette, reduced the RGB stars and put them back. A by product was the RGB image, shown below. This is my first foray with the Foraxx palette. I have not worked on the mosaic yet.

RGB image

I added some data after the fact, so both SHO and RGB of the Wing panel and the Bat panel have the same depth (similar number of frames) to make the mosaic panels more similar.

Here is the 2 panel mosaic of the bat with its wing. RGB processing George H.