Comet 2020 Neowise

Comet 2020 Neowise (aka C/2020 F3 NEOWISE) was easily visible in the evening in the Northern hemisphere during the July 19 week end. While the kids were doing a bonfire, I did some DSLR pictures, at 200mm of focal and f/2.8, without bothering with an equatorial mount (most of my time was spent supervising the bonfireContinue reading “Comet 2020 Neowise”

Acquiring the Cygnus mosaic

Most of the summer and fall of 2019 was spent imaging the Cygnus region in Hydrogen Alpha. I ended up doing a 30 tiles mosaic, with one hour of integration per tile. Each tile is made of 60 subs of 1 minute each, stacked together. The image covers a very wide field of 22×19 degrees,Continue reading “Acquiring the Cygnus mosaic”