Exoplanet WASP 36b

WASP-36 b is a gas giant exoplanet that orbits a 12.7 Magnitude G-type star in Hydra. Its mass is 2.361 Jupiters, it takes 1.537 earth days to complete one orbit of its star, and is 0.02677 AU from its star. Each transit last 108.95 minute and increases the magnitude of the star (ie: dims the star) by 0.0215 Mag. Wasp 36b was initially detected through the transit method and the discovery announced in 2011.

I recorded 98 images, 1mn of exposure, gain 45, Red filter. In retrospect I should have increased the gain to reduce the noise and increase the readout of the target star which is only 5% in the image (I typically target 70% readout). The data is non-the-less perfectly usable (while detrended) and very clearly shows the transit, at the expected time and for the expected duration, with less than 0.05 residuals (by comparison the Moana’s Wasp 10b observation had 0.02 residuals).

This was my first time using the NINA exoplanet container in the advanced sequencer, and it worked very smoothly, simplifying the workflow and target selection. As usual I provide the data and calibration frames.

Planet size and position from transit data versus catalog. Inversion from TRESCA.

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